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Board of Supervisors

  1. Revenue Sharing Fund Application

    The Placer County Board of Supervisors has actively promoted revenue sharing funding as a means to provide financial support for local... More…

Clerk of the Board

  1. Public Comment Submission

    During the COVID-19 Pandemic, Placer County is committed to public participation in County Government in a manner that is consistent... More…

Economic Development

  1. Additional Locations Form

    Additional Locations for Film Permit Application

  1. Contact the Film Office

Health & Human Services - Public Health

  1. I wear a face covering because...

    In addition to maintaining six feet of distance from others when in public, face coverings are one tool to help reduce the spread of... More…

  1. Smoke-Free Campus Reporting Tool


  1. Contact Placer Adult Literacy Program
  2. Placer County Library E-Card Application

    This application is designed to collect the information needed by Placer County Library Staff to create and issue an E-card to utilize... More…

  1. ELF Browser Download
  2. Suggest Purchase for Library

Probation Department

  1. Commendation Form

    You may use this form to submit a commendation regarding an outstanding Placer County probation officer or employee.

  1. Complaint Form

    You may use this form to submit a complaint against a Placer County probation officer or employee.

Public Works

  1. Park Reservation Questionnaire

    PARKS Informational Questionnaire