Placer County prepares for transition to Partnership HealthPlan in January 

Published Nov. 14, 2023

PartnershipExpansion_SocialPlacer County is one of ten counties statewide transitioning to a new Medi-Cal managed care plan, Partnership HealthPlan, as of Jan. 1, 2024. Partnership will replace Anthem and California Health & Wellness as Placer’s managed care plan. Kaiser Permanente will also continue to serve some Placer Medi-Cal members. 

The transition to Partnership is driven by a commitment to improve the quality of care and streamline access and service delivery for Placer County residents – along with a goal of more local voice informing the managed care system. With an ordinance passed this week by the county Board of Supervisors, Placer will join Partnership’s governing board, the Partnership HealthPlan of California Commission.

“Partnership has a long history serving California counties with proven results,” said Health and Human Services director and interim health officer Dr. Rob Oldham. “As we make broader efforts to streamline Medi-Cal services statewide, this is a key piece to ensure Placer residents receive the best care possible.”

This change will be automatic, and members do not need to take action. This does not affect members’ Medi-Cal coverage or benefits. Members’ Medi-Cal coverage and benefits will stay the same even if their Medi-Cal health plan changes. 

In October, Medi-Cal members whose plan will be transitioning received a letter letting them know that these automatic changes are coming. In November and December, they will receive more information from Medi-Cal about their new plan and additional options. New Medi-Cal members are no longer able to enroll in the exiting plans.

Partnership HealthPlan is also working closely with local healthcare providers and community organizations to ensure a seamless transition and minimize any disruption to the services currently available to residents. This includes building relationships with clinics, primary care, hospitals, specialists, and other community-based organizations. Many of the providers who serve large numbers of Medi-Cal beneficiaries, including Chapa-De Indian Health and Western Sierra Medical Clinic, have already contracted with Partnership.

The Medi-Cal managed care plan transition comes as broader changes to California’s Medi-Cal system are underway through the California Advancing and Innovating Medi-Cal (CalAIM) program, which will support new services and shift funding structures from cost-based to value-based reimbursement.

For more information about Placer County's transition to Partnership HealthPlan, residents are encouraged to visit the links below: