Significant snowfall creating delays and shortages for Tahoe region

Snowblowing in the Tahoe region.Published March 1, 2023

Tahoe is buried in snow with approximately 100 inches of new snowfall in the region over the last seven days. County road crews and emergency personnel have been hard at work clearing snow and responding to calls for assistance. Please be advised that many roadways may still be one-lane in width with snow-berms along roadways potentially blocking traffic visibility. Residential roofs are shedding snow and most portions of the backcountry are under an avalanche warning. 

If you make the choice to visit the North Tahoe region, please be patient. The region has been cut off from supply shipments for several days, which means fuel is low and groceries supplies are limited. We are advising visitors to bring their own emergency supplies and additional fuel to ensure they are prepared for a worst-case scenario.

Please be kind to others on the road. Understand that your journey will take you much longer than normal. We have many emergency vehicles working overtime to remove snow and clear the roads but the amount of accumulated snow is significant and delays are likely. Our road crews, first responders and others have worked tirelessly to keep everyone in the region safe and more snowfall is predicted in the coming week.

Another snowstorm is forecast this weekend so expect further travel delays and potential roadway closures and regional roadways. Please make sure to visit our ReadyPlacer Dashboard for up-to-date road conditions and weather advisories.