Rendering of accessory home

Pre-approved accessory home plans will refresh to meet new codes in 2023

Placer County ‘s Community Resource Development Agency is working to update its free pre-approved plans to build an accessory home to meet the 2022 California Buildings Standards Code that go into effect Jan. 1

Homeowners who have anticipated using a pre-approved accessory home plan are encouraged to pause their applications until new plans are finalized under the new code in the spring of 2023.   

 The future plans may have significant differences from current and past options, including changes to square footages and aesthetics, among other items. 

 “Applications that are received by Dec. 31, 2022, will be eligible to move forward under the 2019 Building Standards Code,” Building Services Manager Randall Belfort said.  

 The Jan. 1 building code building updates will also apply to property owners who are submitting custom plans for an accessory home as all plans must meet the new code requirements.  

 Placer County’s pre-approved plans help save property owners thousands of dollars on the planning and construction of their units and have helped reduce or eliminate fees and restrictions levied by homeowners’ associations.  

 Accessory homes are self-contained homes that could be used as a granny flat, in-law suite, converted garage, backyard cottage or basement apartment.  

 For more information visit our accessory home web page.