Effects of Domestic Violence on Children

There are many negative effects of domestic violence and abuse on children. 

  • Children in homes who witness domestic violence are more likely to feel anxious and fearful. 
  • Depending on their age, children may experience different negative short and long-term effects.
  • Preschool aged children are more likely to start regressing in their behaviors. 
  • Preschool aged children are more likely to start bed-wetting, thumb-sucking, and have an increase in crying and throwing tantrums.
  • School-aged children are more likely to experience low-self-esteem, begin to get bad grades due to low participation in school, and feel guilty about the abuse shifting the blame on themselves.
  • Teenaged children are more likely to act out in negative ways such as skipping school, engaging in risky behavior such as fighting, drinking alcohol, and taking drugs.
  •  Teenaged girls who witness domestic violence are more likely to become depressed. 
  • Teenaged boys who experience domestic violence are more likely to bully others and more likely to get in trouble with the law.

If you or someone you know is a victim of domestic violence, report the incidents to law enforcement immediately. There are resources in Placer County that are here to help.

Stand Up Placer | Empowering Survivors. Saving Lives.

Stand Up Placer is a non-profit dedicated to empowering Placer County survivors of domestic violence, sexual assault, and human trafficking heal from the trauma and create new lives of strength and self-sufficiency. Stand Up Placer assists with safety planning, locating gender-inclusive, pet friendly emergency shelter, transitional housing, emergency food, clothing, and transportation, legal assistance, advocacy, peer counseling and clinical therapy, educational workshops and classes, and age-appropriate children’s services. Contact the 24-Hour Helpline at 800-575-5352. To learn more, visit their webpage at https://standupplacer.org/

Kids First – Child Abuse Prevention

Kids First offers counseling, parenting classes, and links families to services and opportunities to improve health and stabilizing home environments. Kids First also provides education and Outreach on child abuse prevention and identifying the commercial sexual exploitation of children (CSEC). Contact Kids First at 916-774-6802 or to visit their website go to http://www.kidsfirstnow.org.

Lighthouse – Counseling & Family Resource Center

Lighthouse Counseling and Family Resource Center offers couples and family therapy, adolescent and teen therapy, individual therapy for all ages, and can assist in completing California Victims of Crime Compensation Board applications. Lighthouse also offers several group classes for anxiety and depression, women's wellness, and anger reduction. Contact Lighthouse at 916-645-3300 or to visit their website go to https://lighthousefrc.org/