Domestic violence unit

The Placer County District Attorney’s Office Domestic Violence team is part of the Family Protection Unit. This team specializes on prosecuting cases involving various forms of abuse, stalking, and restraining order violations between spouses, dating partners, cohabitants, or co-parents. This dedicated team of Deputy District Attorneys works to hold abusers accountable, find victims justice, help survivors reclaim their voice and find legal options to help keep them safe moving forward.     

The Deputy District Attorneys in this unit work closely with the District Attorney’s Office’s victim advocates to walk with victims every step of the way during the legal process.  

“The District Attorney’s Office is committed to educating our community, empowering people with resources and holding abusers accountable to stop the cycles of abuse before it’s too late.” - Placer County District Attorney Morgan Gire 
(Read DA Gire’s full article on domestic violence in the Auburn Journal Newspaper here.) 

What iwoman-in-fear-of-domestic-abuse-768s domestic violence?

California domestic violence laws make it a criminal offense to harm (or threaten to harm) a current or former spouse, cohabitant, co-parent, dating or intimate partner. In some cases, the list of protected persons includes parents, children, and relatives.

Consequences of a domestic violence conviction in California

In addition to punishment by a jail or prison sentence, the consequences of a California domestic violence conviction can include:Break-The-Silence

  •  May result in jail or prison time,
  •  Mandatory participation in a “batterer’s intervention program” (domestic violence classes), 
  •  Community service 
  •  Payment of fines and/or victim restitution,
  • A restraining order (also known as a protective order),
  • Loss of California gun rights,
  •  A criminal record, and
  • Immigration consequences for non-citizens, such as deportation or inadmissibility to the United States.

Survivors are not alone

  • KnowTheNumbers-1030x944-1In the United States, more than 10 million adults experience domestic violence annually.
  •  1 in 4 women and 1 in 7 men experience sexual violence, physical violence and/or stalking by an intimate partner during their lifetime 
  • On a typical day, domestic violence hotlines nationwide receive over 20,000 calls.
  • 1 in 10 high school students has experienced physical violence from a dating partner.


Domestic violence is prevalent in every community, regardless of socioeconomic status, gender, race, religion, or nationality. Domestic violence can result in physical injury, psychological trauma, and even death. The devastating consequences of domestic violence can cross generations and last a lifetime. Seeking justice can help break the cycle of abuse. 


stand up placerStand up Placer

For anyone experiencing domestic violence in any form, know that our county has a wealth of resources that can help. Our partner, Stand Up Placer has a 24-hour helpline at 800-575-5352 and has more information at

FULL-COLOUR_SART-Logo_Nov2020Sexual Assault Response Team

In conjunction with local local law enforcment agencies, the Placer County SART program is also able to perform strangulation exams. Strangulation is considered one of the most dangerous forms of domestic violence. 


MDIC (Multi-Disciplinary Interview Center) is a child-focused, friendly place where children of all ages talk with a Child Forensic Interview Specialist about child-related abuse. MDIC will also interview minors who experience teen dating violence, child abuse and more. Learn more

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