Minor Land Divisions

Minor Land Divisions, also commonly referred to as parcel maps or “lot splits,” are subdivisions of land resulting in four or fewer parcels. A property is “splitable” if the parcel size would result in lot sizes conforming to the minimum parcel size based on the zoning and land use designation, and if the parcels can support services including potable water and sewage disposal. For example, if a parcel is 5 acres and is zoned RA-B-43 (Residential Agricultural, Combining Minimum Building Site of 1 Acre), then the parcel could be further subdivided.

Minor Land Divisions are reviewed by the Community Development Resource Agency and the Department of Public Works and are often subject to review per the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA). Parcels located within the boundary of the Placer County Conservation Program (PCCP) are also subject to compliance with the requirements of the PCCP. To determine if your parcel is subject to the PCCP, please click here.

Do you want to split your land?

Find out the zoning and land use designation of a parcel by using the address on the County’s GIS map.

Zoning Definitions

Review the Minor Land Division application instructions. Required applications:

Refer to the Planning Division Fee Schedule for the most recent application fees.

All Planning Entitlements permits will have CDRA’s Technology Surcharged Fee added to the total permit amount. The Fee is 3.5%, with a cap of $426.08.     

In addition to the application and fees, Minor Land Divisions require preparation of a Tentative Map conforming to County Code Chapter 16, Section 16.12.040 and Section 16.12.050. As a project subject to CEQA, each reviewing department requires reports and studies to determine potential project impacts, identify mitigation measures, and identify conditions of approval to ensure the resulting parcels comply with County Code and the Subdivision Map Act. To assist the public with understanding the types of reports and studies that are required, a Department Checklist has been created that outlines the basic requirements from each department. Please also review the Supplemental Information for a detailed description of each requirement. 

Senate Bill 9 - For information on recently adopted regulations regarding lot splits in urbanized areas, see the Housing Division's Senate Bill 9 webpage.