Returning Home

This document contains important general information and resources for those returning to their homes after being evacuated due to the Mosquito Fire.

Hazard Advisory - See hazard advisory page for specific information on possible hazards that may be encountered both within and outside of the burn area. 

Emergency Notifications 

If you choose to return to your home in an area that is under an evacuation warning, please be sure you have a plan for receiving emergency notifications that includes power outages and changes in cellular coverage. 


Animal redemptions from county-run animal shelters will be from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. daily. For more information please call Animal Services at 530-886-5541. 

Electrical Power 

As the area is repopulated, please be aware that there may be intermittent power outages and associated street closures as power is restored or equipment is repaired throughout the impacted areas. 


If you or someone else shut off the propane during the evacuation, DO NOT turn it back on.  Contact your propane provider or another qualified professional to perform a safety inspection before service is restored and the appliance pilots are re-lit. 

If you smell the distinctive smell of propane odorant in or around your home or business, please leave immediately and call 911. 

Drinking Water 

Foresthill Public Utilities District 

Foresthill Public Utilities District was able to maintain the operation of the public water system during the evacuations and there are no outages or prohibitions regarding use. 

If you observe cloudy or dirty-looking water, you are advised to let the hot and cold water run until the water appears clear. 

If you are experiencing low pressure, please contact Foresthill Public Utility District at (530) 367-2511. 

Well Water

If you have a private domestic well and it has been damaged, it may have been exposed to potential contamination and can contaminate surrounding groundwater if not repaired properly. Fire can damage the well casing, electrical conduits and piping. DO NOT use the water for consumption which includes drinking, cooking, dishwashing, oral hygiene, hand washing, bathing and pets. If your well appears damaged it will likely need to be repaired by a qualified professional and properly disinfected. Please contact Placer County Environmental Health to discuss your well along with potential disinfection and testing requirements. You can contact Placer County Environmental Health at (530) 745-2300 or at

Water well disinfection procedure

Food Safety 

Perishable food items that have not been properly stored (at or below 41 °F) for more than four hours is not considered safe and must be thrown out. If your home has been damaged and you find non-perishable food items we recommend that you DO NOT use them. The containers may appear to be intact but high temperatures may have caused the seams to fail, resulting in the contents being exposed to potential contamination. When In Doubt, Throw It Out!!

Solid Waste 

The Foresthill Transfer Station has resumed normal hours/days of operation. 

For information on debris removal please visit the hazard advisory page.

Septic Systems

Fire could have damaged your septic system. The damage could have occurred to the piping between the house and the septic tank, from the septic tank to the leach field or to the septic tank lids. Damage sometimes occurs from heavy equipment such as backhoes and bulldozers used to fight the fire or to clean up debris. The repairs to the system must be done by qualified professionals as per Placer County Environmental Health Division requirements. If your septic tank was damaged, please contact Placer County Environmental Health at (530) 745-2300 or at

Septic System Information