PROTECT Case Examples

If you are or someone you know is experiencing elder abuse or just need help, you are NOT alone. Learn about local cases where seniors or their loved ones spoke up and were able to connect with the resources they needed. 

⚖️Case example: Neighbor overhears neighbor's grandson yelling at his grandmother and hosting parties in home. They reported these concerns to PROTECT team.

⚖️Case example: Local senior's caregiver convinces her to give her power of attorney. Then, the caregiver steals thousands of dollars from her bank account.

⚖️Case example:  Son struggled with mental health issues, was taking drugs and assaulted his grandparents.

⚖️Case example:  Wife needed support caring for her husband experiencing alzheimers. 

⚖️Case example: In early 2020, a sting of robberies were targeted local seniors.