Fighting fentanyl in Placer County

From participating in the  “One pill can kill Placer” campaign, to pushing public service announcements, to working on statewide legislation, Placer County District Attorney’s Office remains committed to fighting the fentanyl issue in the county.

“Placer County has been tragically affected by the national fentanyl epidemic.  We are committed to combatting this crisis with continued education and awareness efforts, extensive prevention campaigns, and aggressive prosecution of those who seek to peddle this deadly drug in our community.”  -- Placer County District Attorney Morgan Gire


Filing murder complaint against alleged fentanyl dealer

Case update

The Placer County District Attorney’s Office filed a criminal complaint against 20-year-old Carson David Schewe for charges of murder and possession of a controlled substance for sale, as it related to a local fentanyl-related death. 

***This is the first time a defendant in Placer County has been charged with murder for a fentanyl-related death.*** Learn more

Outreach campaigns

2022-05-02_16-34-24The county launched a local one pill can kill campaign to support the current national campaign. This informational campaign includes stats, testimonials, information presentations and more. Learn more


The Center for Disease Control launched a Facts about Fentanyl campaign giving data, overdose information and steps to take if you or a loved one is experiencing an overdose. Learn more

drug overdose

Drug overdose deaths are up 30% year-over-year. The National Center for Drug Abuse gives a breakdown of overdoses per state. Learn more