Project 8 Winery

The proposed project would develop a full production winery, generally including wine production facilities, a tasting room, an underground wine cave, an accessory restaurant, and associated facilities on approximately 17.96 acres of the 44.14-acre parcel area. When fully operational, the winery would process grapes grown on-site and purchased from specialized vineyards and would produce approximately 50,000 cases of wine annually. Above-ground structures would primarily consist of a 75-foot tall, 29,250-square-foot (sf) octagon building on the northern hillside of the project site, and a 23,500-sf processing/warehouse building to the south of the octagon building. The octagon building would be made up of five levels. The top level would house the gravity filtration processing operation which is critical to achieving the highest level of quality possible. The other four levels of the octagon building would include a rotating tasting room and accessory restaurant, a commercial kitchen, restrooms, storage, a residence, and an administration area on the ground floor with a main entry and porte cochère. Beneath the octagon building would be a level for grape processing and storage. The processing building would be linked to the octagon building by a continuous meandering walkway, which would serve as a surface connection between the two buildings. In addition, a 72-stall minimum parking lot would be developed east of the octagon building, and a 19-stall minimum parking lot would be developed to the west of the processing building. Other on-site development would include a 180-sf guard shack and a 900-sf outdoor utility pad. Primary site access would be from Callison Road to the south. The proposed project would include a new driveway encroachment into the site from Callison Road. The new gated, private driveway would begin at Callison Road and wind up the hillside, connecting to the processing building and octagon building, before ending at the parking lot east of the octagon building. The proposed project would require the approval of a Conditional Use Permit (CUP) for the construction and operation of a Large Winery on 40+ acres, the operation of an accessory restaurant, and to allow an increase from 50 to 75 maximum attendees (at one time) for Agricultural Promotional Events; as well as a Zoning Text Amendment adding the language to the Placer County Winery and Farm Brewery Ordinance, Section 17.56.330(E), Development and Operational Standards for increase height allowances with a CUP.

  1. Draft EIR
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