Placer County welcomes 20-year county veteran to the North Lake Tahoe County Executive Office

Published on Sept. 15, 2021

Portrait of Placer County's Tahoe operations manager Stephanie HollowayAfter an extensive recruitment process, Placer County has selected Stephanie Holloway as the new Tahoe operations manager for its North Lake Tahoe County Executive Office.

The position provides administrative oversight, community relations partnership, project management and operational guidance throughout North Lake Tahoe and eastern Placer County. Some initial areas of focus for Holloway and her team will include updating the county’s Tourism Master Plan and furthering solutions for housing and transportation. 

With over 20 years of employment with Placer County and long-range knowledge of regional planning, traffic systems and a wide array of policy issues, Holloway brings a wealth of experience to this new role. 

“Stephanie is very goal driven and has an appreciation for focus on high-leverage tasks,” said Placer County Executive Officer Todd Leopold. “She values the need for collaboration, which allows for diversity of approach to the complex issues that affect eastern Placer. As an engineer, she is by nature a problem solver and approaches all tasks with an eye for efficiency. I am confident Stephanie will be a tremendous asset to the region.”    

Holloway has a bachelor’s degree in civil engineering from the University of Colorado and is a registered civil engineer and traffic engineer. Working in the county’s Department of Public Works, she oversaw the completion of the Resort Triangle Transportation Plan, which advances regional transportation visioning into projects and programs that strive to reduce traffic in east Placer.   

In addition, she has played a leading role within the Tahoe region on development of environmental thresholds associated with vehicle miles traveled. Her collaborative work with the Tahoe Regional Planning Agency has facilitated a more streamlined process for future development of transportation-friendly projects in the town center areas of Tahoe City and Kings Beach. She also facilitated the development of the county’s Local Roadway Safety Plan, which includes a review of potential roadway safety concerns and proposed solutions. 

“I am passionate about North Lake Tahoe; from safety, to sustainability, to creating programs that can positively impact our residents’ lives,” said Holloway. “My enthusiasm for nature and appreciation for economic sustainability made this position a perfect fit professionally and personally. I am honored to continue to represent Placer in this leadership role and to work alongside community partners to address the complex issues that affect the region today.” 

Holloway began her new role Aug. 30. She joined a team of three who currently make up the North Lake Tahoe County Executive Office located in Tahoe City.