Adult Supervision

Auburn Manager 

Aaron Johnson

Aaron JohnsonProbation Manager Johnson has been with Placer County Probation for 17 years. He has worked in a variety of positions and units, including the Juvenile Detention Facility, Tahoe Juvenile Field, Juvenile Placement/Court, Alternative Sentencing/Pre-Trial, and Adult Field.

Roseville Manager 

Donavon Hazen

Donavon HazenProbation Manager Donavon Hazen has been with the department for 20 years. He started at the Juvenile Detention Facility until transferring to the Adult Field Unit. He subsequently worked in the Adult Court and Juvenile Units before returning to the Juvenile Detention Facility as a Supervisor. Donavon has since managed the Juvenile Detention Facility and Adult Alternative Sentencing divisions and is now a Manager of our Adult Supervision Division.


Placer County Probation Adult Supervision is responsible for supervising all adults placed on probation, mandatory supervision, and/or Post Release Community Supervision (PRCS). Supervision is an integral part of probation services by protecting the community through enforcement of terms and conditions of probation, while ensuring the appropriate level of services are provided to the client.


Probation officers refer offenders to community service programs, monitor a probationer's restitution requirements and compliance, focus on public safety, and ensure that the probationer complies with their formal Court orders. By utilizing case plans and assessments, Officers ensure each client is provided with appropriate level of services in response to their needs. Ultimately, this promotes healthier and safer communities.

Specialty Caseloads:

Action Team

The Assertive Community Treatment (ACTion) team is a collaboration of Probation, Granite Wellness and Health and Human Services (HHS) Adult System of Care (ASOC) that provides intensive supervision, support, and rehabilitation to individuals involved in the criminal justice system with a history of mental health and/or substance abuse.

CSUCSU (Roseville Crime Suppression Unit)

The CSU task force is comprised of Roseville Police Officers, as well as a Deputy Probation Officer. This team investigates ongoing criminal activity within the City of Roseville, including narcotics related crimes, gangs, active high-risk warrants, and CSEC (Commercially Sexually Exploited Children). Additionally, this team supervises a caseload of high risk offenders in the Roseville community.

Domestic Violence

Probation supervises high risk domestic violence offenders in our community. We ensure they are compliant with their domestic violence classes, protection orders, and terms and conditions of probation. Additionally, we prioritize protection of victims and connect them victim resources and advocates. These Officers also attend court to ensure the offender has the appropriate terms for supervision and are in compliance and highlight their successes as they go through the court process.


The Placer County Probation Department provides an intensive supervision caseload in order to effectively supervise the highest risk and/or habitual driving under the influence offenders. An additional tool used on this caseload is an Alcohol Monitoring device. The combination of this device, intense supervision, connections to appropriate services and treatment, promotes a successful transition into the community for these offenders.

Homeless Supervision and Outreach

Probation Officers on the Transient Task Force, in collaboration with Health and Human Services and local law enforcement provide supervision, accountability and connection to resources to the County's homeless population.

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Mental Health

Probation Officers, in collaboration with Adult System of Care, supervise clients that have significant mental health needs. Our officers ensure these clients have access to a variety of programs, including counseling, housing, and education. These Officers also attend court to ensure the offender has the appropriate terms for supervision and are in compliance and highlight their successes as they go through the court process.

Placer Special Investigations Unit (PSIU)

The PSIU task force is comprised of law enforcement agencies throughout Placer County, including a Deputy Probation Officer and a Commander from CA Department of Justice (DOJ). This team works together to investigate crimes that occur throughout Placer County to ensure a greater success rate of arrests and convictions. Additionally, this team supervises a caseload of offenders at high risk of reoffending in the community.

Post Release Community Supervision (PRCS)

Probation supervises offenders released from prison and long term local incarceration. We make certain that offenders are referred to appropriate services based on their assessed needs and terms. They are held accountable through active supervision, connection with community resources, rehabilitation and incarceration. This is done with a focus on reducing continued criminal conduct.

PREP Liaison

The objective of the officer assigned to the PREP Center is to act as a conduit between PREP transition specialist and probation officers to ensure clients are engaged in one-on-one and group-level services to assist with their successful transition into the community. To maximize the success of clients participating in PREP (including NCCT, PC1000, and BTP clients).

Sex Offender Caseload

Sex Offender CaseloadProbation supervises sex offenders that have been placed on formal probation or released from prison onto Post Release Community Supervision PRCS. The primary focus of sex offender supervision is to enhance community safety, protect victims and prevent further sexual offending behavior by the offender.

The Sex Offender Containment Model is an approach that the Adult Probation Department utilizes to manage sex offenders in the Placer County community. The Probation Department monitors each offender’s compliance with specific court-ordered conditions of probation by engaging in frequent contact with offender, visiting the offender’s home, and by conducting collateral contacts with the offender’s family, sex offender treatment program, local law enforcement agencies and other social service agencies. The Probation Department also monitors each offender’s compliance with sex offender registration requirements, per section 290 of the Penal Code.