Placer County Housing Development Advisory Taskforce

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On February 9, 2021, the Board of Supervisors adopted a Resolution No. 2021-026 to designate the member seats, eligibility requirements, and terms with appointing authority for a new Board-appointing advisory committee - the Placer County Housing Development Advisory Taskforce. The new housing taskforce would be comprised of nine community members with expertise in housing development who understand the unique housing needs of the Placer region. Members will have experience in at least one of the following sectors: builders experienced in infill development, community foundations, residential brokers, commercial brokers, banking and/or mortgage lenders, land use or housing attorneys, housing advocates, and student housing stakeholders.

On February 22, 2021, staff released an announcement and press release that the County was accepting applications for nine seats on a new Board-appointed housing taskforce. A total of 37 applications were submitted.  On June 22, 2021, the Board approved staff’s recommendation for the appointment of the applicants to fill the nine seats on the new housing taskforce.

Seat No.
No. of Applications Submitted
Applicants Recommendation
BOS District Residence
1Builder experienced in infill development9Lynda J Timbers4
2Community Foundation2Sue Thompson5
3Residential Broker3Jackline Hoyt4
4Commercial Broker1Tim Onderko3
5Mortgage Lender2Ryan G. Hensley3
6Attorney experienced in housing/land use2Maggie Tides3
7Student Housing Stakeholder1James E. Todd, Ph. DN/A
8At-Large, Housing Advocate14Jaime S. Knacke2
9At-Large Realtor3Gary G. Mapa5

 The Housing Development Advisory Taskforce (HDAT) will help to identify and move forward affordable housing projects in the county. The HDAT will serve the Board of Supervisors by reviewing housing development proposals and identifying available sites or affordable housing projects that merit review and consideration of the Board of Supervisors.

Housing Taskforce Public Roster (Updated 06-29-2021)

Staff liaison to the HDAT is: Anne Marie Novotny, Housing Specialist,

Taskforce Meetings

Board Approval/Appointment of Housing Taskforce

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2/9/21 Press Release

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