Housing Surveys

You can participate in our housing surveys to make a difference in your community. Choose your method of communication to be involved through email, text, or voice options. Provide anonymous input and participate as much or as little as you'd like. Let us hear your voice and help make the Placer County Community better through signing up. 

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Participation in Housing Surveys
DateHousing IssueTotal Participants# (%) County Residents
4/16/2018Second Home Rental Program Ideas555100%
6/27/2018Housing Costs and Needs3,2381,806 (55.8%)
8/29/2018Housing Choices2,3111,727 (74.7%)
8/21/2019Accessory Dwelling Units1,9881,820 (91.5)
6/29/2020County Housing Policy & COVID-19 Impacts2,8602,545 (89%)

Survey Results

County Housing Policy (June 29,2020)

 Accessory-Dwelling-Units (August 21, 2019)

Housing Costs and Needs (June 27, 2018)

 Housing Choices (August 29, 2018)

 Second Home Rental Program Ideas (April 16, 2018)