Placer County Government Center Master Plan

The Placer County Government Center Master Plan (Master Plan) provides a framework to guide future development towards specific goals. The Master Plan serves as an update to the 1993 Comprehensive Facilities Master Plan. Through this update, the Master Plan identifies a variety of County administration needs and community desires for future development within the North Auburn Campus. It is anticipated that the Master Plan will be implemented in phases over several years.


The Master Plan update is flexible to allow development to serve the needs of the community as it develops over time. The Development Standards and Design Guidelines are provided as a method to guide individual projects towards the intent of the Master Plan. The Development Standards establish minimum criteria that must be satisfied for a project to gain County approval. This includes permitted land uses, setbacks, coverage, street standards, parking and other development criteria. The standards supersede the County Zoning Ordinance and provide specific measurements for the desired outcome. The Design Guidelines establish a high standard of design that will assure quality and consistency throughout the community. The guidelines are qualitative in nature and describe the manner in which the design should be carried out in relationship to a given land use, building type or spatial setting. Collectively, the Development Standards and the Design Guidelines provide individual projects the technical and aesthetic criteria needed to prepare submittals to the County for review and approval.