2021 Safety Element Update



Placer County is currently in the process of updating its Health and Safety Element. This effort is being developed concurrently with the Housing Element Update. Updates to the Health and Safety Element will meet the requirements of California Government Code Section 65302(g) (Section 65302) as updated by Senate Bills 1241, 379, and 1035 and will incorporate policies from the County Local Hazard Mitigation Plan (pursuant to SB 379), as well as the recent work done on the Placer County Sustainability Plan (PCSP). The Safety Element addresses potential and existing hazards in the County, which are outlined in the following categories: Seismic and Geological Hazards; Flood Hazards; Fire Hazards; Airport Hazards; Public Safety and Emergency Management Facilities; Hazardous Materials; Avalanche Hazards; and Public Health. Among other updates, two additional categories for Climate Change Resiliency and Adaptation Mitigation, and Severe Weather are being considered for the Safety Element.

This website provides up-to-date information on the Safety Element Update process. It will provide you with information on upcoming community workshops, meetings, documents prepared for the Safety Element Update, and opportunities to be involved in the process and provide feedback.

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Background – Climate Adaptation and Resilience Planning

The Health and Safety Element is one of seven elements of Placer County’s General Plan which establishes policies to protect the community from natural and human-made hazards. It is intended to guide land use planning by providing pertinent data regarding geologic, soil, seismic, fire and flood hazards.

The Health and Safety Element was first adopted in 1994 and was last updated in 2013. However, it has not been updated to address recent disaster events and state legislation requiring local jurisdictions to analyze effects of climate-change hazards pursuant to Senate Bill (SB) 379.

Recent legislative changes (Government Code 65302(g)(4)) require that the County’s General Plan’s Safety Element, "be reviewed and updated as necessary to address climate adaptation and resiliency strategies." Placer County has experienced a number of severe wildfire and extreme heat events over the last decade. In response to these changing climate conditions, the County prepared a climate change vulnerability assessment as part of the Placer County Sustainability Plan (PCSP). Key findings of the vulnerability assessment can be found here

The PCSP contains goals, policies, and adaptation strategies to increase climate change resiliency. The Health and Safety Element will be updated to reflect these goals and policies.

Schedule/ Timeline

  • Public Outreach & Workshops (Summer 2020)
  • Prepare Draft Element (Fall, 2020)
  • Planning Commission & Board of Supervisors Workshops (Fall, 2020)
  • CalFire Certification (Early-Spring, 2021)
  • Board of Supervisors Adoption Hearing (Mid-Spring, 2021)


If you were unable to join the meeting or want to review the presentation again, you may view the presentation here. 

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