First voting results are in for Placer County

Published on March 3, 2020; updated March 4.

The voting polls are now closed in Placer County. Here’s what we know so far.

Placer County incumbent Board of Supervisors members for Districts 3, 4 and 5 each hold on to leads over their challengers, with 50% of the vote plus one needed to avoid a runoff election in November. 

A string of school bond measures for Colfax Elementary, Western Placer Unified and Eureka Union were each below the 55% needed to pass.

These initial results include over 63,000 ballots that were mailed in or dropped off early and processed in advance at the county Elections Office in North Auburn. 

Now that the precincts are officially closed, ballots from 219 polling places from across the county will be driven to the Elections Office. Once there, those results will be uploaded and tabulated; however, ballots will continue to be delivered to the Elections Office until after 11:30  p.m. 

Tonight’s final unofficial results may not become available until after 12:30 a.m.

The latest vote count is posted on Placer County’s elections website

Final, certified results - including provisional ballots, same-day registrations needing verification, and eligible mail-in ballots not yet received - will be posted within 30 days. Jurisdictions have up to 30 days to complete a post-election audit of the election called a canvass.

During the canvass, vote by mail, same-day-registration and provisional ballots not counted on election night are researched to validate eligibility. The ballots cast in 1 percent of randomly-selected precincts from all contests on the ballot are manually tallied and balanced against the computer counts to verify the accuracy of the election tally system. Election officials are also responsible for preparing the county’s official ballot statement, listing the exact number of voted ballots, write-ins, unused ballots, spoiled ballots, roster signatures and more. The canvass concludes with the certification and issuance of official election results.