Program Expectations

Local Contact--Owner/Operator/Property Manager

The local contact is key to program success.  Properly maintaining rental units within the parameters of Placer County’s Short-term Rental Ordinance is essential.   Early identification of potential concerns, while implementing good neighbor practices ensures safe and sustainable rental units. 

Complaint received: Upon notification of a complaint, the local contact is expected to immediately engage regardless of time of day.  The local contact is encouraged to resolve the complaint prior to code compliance’s arrival on-site.  Once code compliance exhausts its efforts to gain compliance with the occupant/renter(s), the local contact or property owner may be issued a citation if no action occurs on the part of the local contact to assist with gaining compliance.  The officer may issue the owner or local contact a citation in addition to any occupant/renter(s).  Three instances of citations resulting from violations of the STR regulations may result in STR permit revocation.


Each occupant or renter shall ensure compliance with the County’s Short-term Rental (STR) ordinance.
  Each STR property is required to post the rules and regulations within the rental unit.  Please be respectful that STR properties are mixed within neighborhoods of owner-occupied housing.  For this reason, implement good neighbor practices as you would at your own home.

Complaint received:
Upon notification of a complaint, the local contact is notified and expected to contact the occupant/renter(s) in the interest of resolving the complaint prior to Placer County Code Compliance’s on-site arrival (typically within an hour).

Complaint or Patrol protocol:
Should the violation continue once code compliance is on-site, or if code compliance identifies a violation when on patrol the following occurs:
  • The officer will collect evidence of the violation(s).
  • The officer will contact the occupant/renter(s) to notify them of the violation and request immediate resolution.
  • Failure to comply with the orders of the officer may result in:
    • The issuance of a warning citation (discretion of the officer)
    • If within one-hour of the warning, either verbal or written, the violation is not resolved, the officer may issue a citation.
    • If the violation is not resolved within one additional hour after the citation, the owner or local contact may be issued a citation as well as the occupant/renter should the local contact not engage or take any effort to assist with the violation resolution.
    • Once warning or citations have been issued the property may be monitored for further or continued violations.  For any repeat violations, the occupant/renter may receive a citation without warning and any new violations may receive a warning or cite depending on the matter.

  1. Code Compliance Services

    Physical Address
    3091 County Center Drive
    Suite 160
    Auburn, CA 95603

    Phone: 530-745-3050
    Fax: 530-745-3059

    Tahoe City Office
    775 North Lake Blvd.
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    Monday through Friday
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