Informal Value Review

In Placer County the Assessor mails value notices to all property owners in July. This notice includes the assessed value (the value used to calculate your tax bill). Since a change to this value impacts the amount of taxes due, it is very important to review this amount.

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Learn More About Your Assessed Value

Assessed values are established by following the provisions of Proposition 13 adopted by voters in 1978. In accordance with this law, the Assessor’s Office reviewed values for the current assessment year. To complete this review, our office analyzed real estate sales that occurred in the months surrounding January 1st of the current roll year.

Supplemental assessment values utilize market real estate data for new construction or ownership changes as of the completion or transfer date.

You may view the video below for a detailed description on How Property Values are Assessed.

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PCA734image Opens in new windowPlease review the diagram (PDF) below for further explanation on how market declines and recovery may affect your value.

Request A Review - Annual Assessment

If you believe the market value on January 1st of each year is less than the amount shown on your July value notice, you may request a review of your assessment. There is no charge for this service. The filing period for a value review is July 2nd through December 31st. An Assessor Value Review Application is available July 2nd through December 31st.

Your property tax payments are still due by the indicated due date. If a value adjustment is warranted, a notice of correction and revised tax bill or refund will be issued.

Request a Review - Supplemental Assessment


Supplemental Assessments may be issued when a property changes ownership or new construction is completed. If you received a Notice of Supplemental Assessment, the Assessor was required to reassess your property.

This Supplemental Assessment will reflect the difference between the prior assessed value and the new assessed value (the value used to calculate your tax bill). It covers the period of time from the ownership change or completion of new construction to the following June 30th. It is important to understand that these Supplemental Assessments are “in addition”(supplemental) to the annual property tax bill.

If you disagree with the value enrolled for a supplemental assessment, please contact our office at (530) 889-4300 or by email at to learn more about how the value was determined and to request an informal review. The informal review period, as well s the filing of a formal assessment appeal, are time sensitive. It is important to contact our office as soon as possible after receiving notice of your supplemental assessment to ensure that all options are still available to you. Information about the formal assessment appeals process, filing deadlines, and when to expect a tax bill for your supplemental assessment are explained in greater detail on your supplemental notice. The Placer County Assessor’s Office understands that supplemental assessments and the assessment appeals process can be very confusing. Our employees stand ready to answer any questions you may have about these topics or any other property tax related questions you may have.

Learn more about Residential and Commercial Property Supplemental Assessments

Request A Review - Business Property, Boats and Aircraft Reviews

Business property, boats and aircraft are not governed by Proposition 13 and are instead valued annually as of January 1st at market value.

If you disagree with the assessed value enrolled for your business, boat or aircraft, please contact our Business Division at (530) 889-4300 or email us at

You may visit the following pages to learn more about Business Property, Boats/Vessels and Aircraft Assessments.