WalkMe Training Content for Workday

Course List


Trainer Workshop Preso- Train the Trainer (PPT)- Skills Participant (DOC)
WDY-Navigation and FDM- Navigation and FDM (PPT)- FDM-Definitions (PDF)
WDY-For Managers- Workday for Managers (PPT)- Managers Exercises (DOC)
WDY-Projects- Workday Projects (PPT)- Create a Capital Project (DOC)
- Project Asset, Review and Assign Transactions and Capitalize Project Assets (DOC)
- Create Project Budget (DOC)
WDY-Awards and Grants- Awards and Grants (PPT)- Create Award Notes Print Out (DOC)
- Exercise Create a Award (DOC)
- Exercise Create a Grant (DOC)
WDY-Employee Expenses- Employee Expenses (PPT)- Create Spend Authorization (DOC)
- Create Expense Report (DOC)
WDY-Requisitions- Requisitions Presentation (PPT)- Create Requisition Goods (DOC)
- Create Requisition Punch-out (DOC)
- Create Requisition Inventory (DOC)
- Delegated Purchase Order (DOC)
- Receive Delegated Purchase Order (DOC)
- Spend Category Cheat Sheet (XLS)
WDY-Supplier Contracts- Intro Supplier Contracts (PPT)- Create Supplier Contract (DOC)
- Amend Supplier Contract (DOC)
- Receipt for a Supplier Contract (DOC)
- Requisition Supplier Contract (DOC)
WDY-Supp Invoice/Adhoc Pay- Processing Supplier Setups, invoice and Ad Hoc Payments (PPT)- Supplier Invoice Workbench (DOC)
- Create Supplier (DOC)
- Create Supplier Invoice (DOC)
- Create Ad Hoc Payment (DOC)
- Create Receipt (DOC)
WDY-Inventory (FAC/DPW/ADM)- Inventory (FAC, DPW ADM) (PPT)- Create Requisition Inventory (DOC)
- Inventory Fulfillment (DOC)
- Create Inventory Return Order (DOC)
- Inventory Cost Adjustment (DOC)
- Adjust Inventory Quantity (DOC)
- Inventory Quick Issue Event (DOC)
- Inventory Replenishment Request (DOC)
WDY-Journal Entries- Journal Entries (PPT)- Journal Exercise 1 - Find Journals Report (DOC)
- Journal Exercise 2 - Create Basic Journal (DOC)
- Journal Exercise 3 - Journal Between Funds (DOC)
- Journal Exercise 4 - Journal with Balance Sheet (DOC)
- Journal Exercise 5 - EIB (DOC)
- Journal Exercise 6 - Accounting Adjustment (DOC)
WDY-Cash and Deposits- Cash Sales and Customer Deposits (PPT)
- Customer Deposit Sequence Generator Demo (PPT)
- Record a Cash Sale (DOC)
WDY-External Billing and AR- External Billing and Accounts Receivable (PPT)- Create and Print Customer Invoice (DOC)
- Create Customer Invoice Adjustment (DOC)
- Mass Record Customer Payment (DOC)

Additional Topics

  • Trainer Binder
  • WDY-Assets Non-CAP Trackable
  • WDY-Budget Amendments
  • WDY-Cost Alloc/Project Billing
  • WDY-Internal Service Delivery
  • WDY-Inventory (CSS)