Free oil filter exchange is back for the month of May

Published April 30, 2019

Changing your motor oil just got that much easier with the Western Placer Waste Management Authority’s free oil exchange program happening throughout May. Every Saturday and Sunday in May, residents can exchange their used motor oil filters for a free new one, a $12 value.

Multiple auto part stores are participating in the exchange across the county; a list of  participating stores is available at 

Changing your own motor oil and filters can be a rewarding job that saves money. However, improper disposal of used oil and filters can cause damage to the environment. In fact, used motor oil and filters are classified as household hazardous waste, so they cannot be tossed into residents’ One Big Bin waste disposal containers. The Western Placer Waste Management Authority created the free oil exchange program to reduce harm to the environment and save Placer County residents money. 

Residents are also encouraged to visit the One Big Bin booth at Auburn Cruise Night on May 10 if they have any questions about the exchange and to pick up a free oil change kit and oil rags!

 About the WPWMA

The WPWMA is a joint powers authority comprised of Placer County and the cities of Lincoln, Rocklin and Roseville. The WPWMA owns and operates the landfill and Material Recovery Facility located in south Placer County.

About One Big Bin

One Big Bin is a collaborative effort between the Western Placer Waste Management Authority, Placer County and its cities. Their mission is to let those who live, work and play in Placer County know about one of its best-kept secrets: the Materials Recovery Facility.  In Placer County garbage is taken to a MRF, where enough recyclables are pulled out of the trash each year to fill a football field 200 feet high. It’s recycling and disposal made easy. Learn more at