Article XIII of the California Constitution, detailed by Sections in the Revenue and Taxation code, governed by the State Board of Equalization, affords our office to authorize various property tax exemptions for real and personal property. All exemptions are the same in California’s 58 California Counties*.

Commercial property leased or owned by businesses or legal entities who use the property exclusively for nonprofit educational, religious, hospital, scientific or charitable purposes may file a claim and submit supporting documentation. Use of the property is verified by site inspection.

Residential property which is a certified principal residence of a property owner may file for a homeowners exemption while a veteran who is compensated 100% from the Veterans Administration for a service connected disability or an unmarried surviving spouse of a veteran who was compensated at the 100% rate or who’s death was service connected may file a claim with supporting documentation.

Historical aircrafts used for show/museum purposes or military service members who hold a residency in another State but are stationed in California may file a claim with supporting documentation.

*Exception: Nonprofit housing exemption income limits may vary by County. Additional County ordinances may affect an assessment.

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