Tree Planting Care

Trees beautify our surroundings, increase property values, and help save energy. Trees add value to your home, help cool your home and neighborhood, break the cold winds to lower your heating costs, and provide food for wildlife. But proper tree care is essential

Young Tree Supported by Two Wooden Posts

Young Tree Care

Every new tree is planted with the hope that is will grow strong and healthy, providing benefits to the community and environment for many years. Proper care is important throughout a tree’s entire life, especially during the first three to five years. The care and attention during those critical early years will give the tree its best chance for reaching maturity and thriving.

Before planting any young tree, you should take into account a number of important factors:

  • Fertilizer
  • Monitoring
  • Mulch
  • Planting
  • Pruning
  • Selection
  • Water

For additional information, read our "Young Tree Care" Brochure (PDF).

Mature Tree Care

To continue to enjoy the benefits of trees, we need to preserve and care for them to keep them healthy. Properly caring for mature trees is critical because they are valuable resources that cannot be readily replaced if they are lost to disease or damage. Most tree species take many years to reach maturity and must survive numerous threats to their health during development.

Find out what your mature tree needs and why by reading our "Mature Tree Care" Brochure (PDF).