Importance of Native Trees

Pine Trees with Mountains in the BackgroundProtecting and planting native trees is important to preserve the unique landscape appearance that helps give Placer County its unique character. Regional character is increasingly threatened by the trend to make neighborhoods and commercial centers to similar that we cannot tell one city from another. By preserving regional landscape character, we can help offset this homogenization. Our sense of identity and belonging is enriched through our association with these unique places that we claim as our own.

Trees that are native to a locale are very well adapted to the naturally occurring site conditions. This adaption can result in lower maintenance costs and eliminate the need for supplemental irrigation, specialized fertilizers, herbicides, soil amendments, or protection from wind, sun and cold. Native trees are linked to the well-being of the insects, birds, and wildlife species that naturally occur in an area. Over many generations of living in proximity to these native trees, some of these animal species have evolved to rely on the trees and the associated understory plants, such as shrubs, grasses, and wildflowers, to meet their specialized food, shelter, and breeding needs.

Oaks can prosper in close proximity to human habitation if care is taken to preserve the basic elements of the natural oak environment. If the needs and limitations of mature oaks are not considered, well-meaning people can make serious mistakes.

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