Operation Maintenance & Monitoring

If you have a supplemental treatment system that was permitted after January 1, 2005, you are required to have a service provider perform annual maintenance on your system. You should receive a reminder from Placer County every November, and you must have the service performed by the end of February. Billing for the Operation Maintenance and Monitoring (OM&M) program is mailed out in January.

View the sand filter service provider list (PDF). All septic systems require a lot of care to ensure that they function properly. Please refer to the following recommendations and Frequently Asked Questions to keep your system running properly for as long as possible.

Care & Maintenance Recommendations

Improper care for your septic systems, can result in expensive failure. The following are recommendations that every homeowner should follow in order to maintain the longevity of their system.

  1. Advisory Comment
  2. Standard System Maintenance
  3. Low Pressure Dose System
  4. Supplemental Treatment System

Sewage can make you sick! Anyone performing maintenance on a septic system should wear protective eyewear and disposable gloves and should thoroughly wash/disinfect their hands, tools and any objects that may come in contact with sewage.