Groundwater Monitoring Wells & Soil Borings

The Environmental Health Division, Hazardous Materials and Solid Waste Section issues permits for monitoring wells, cathodic protection wells, and exploratory soil borings for all areas of Placer County with the exception of the City of Roseville. The City of Roseville has separate permitting requirements and must be contacted if the wells or borings are to be drilled within city limits.

Monitoring wells and/or soil borings at recognized closed and active solid waste facilities should contact the Local Enforcement Agency.

Applying for a Well Permit

For monitoring well construction/destruction, cathodic protection wells and exploratory borings, submit a completed monitoring well permit application (PDF-fillable form) along with the current fee (PDF). (Program Element Code for monitoring well installation/soil boring is 0945. Monitoring well destruction is 0946). To use forms marked as "PDF-fillable form," open the form you need, click on the download icon in the upper right, rename the form, and save it locally (i.e. to your desktop). Close your website browser, and then open the PDF you just saved in Adobe Acrobat Reader. Now you can type in the fields and sign electronically. Be sure to save your changes, and then attach your completed form in an email to us. 

Soil boring and monitoring well permit applications may be submitted electronically to the following email address:

Auburn Office:

Tahoe Office:

If you have any questions or require assistance with a Monitoring Well/Soil Boring application, please contact us.

Update the monitoring well permit application to the latest version which requests an email address for the consultant. 

State of California

Proper groundwater and cathodic well design standards can be found in the California Department of Water Resources California Well Standards Bulletin 74.