Criminal Justice Master Plan

Placer County is facing the challenge of jail overcrowding and ever increasing demands on its criminal resources. The key to the long-term population management of a jail is the development of system baseline data, and the implementation of a Criminal Justice Master Plan. This is a process that will allow a county to not just react to change, but to influence and shape that change.

Scope & Strategies

This report provides an analysis of the local criminal justice system and presents strategies to help manage its jail population through a set of recommended system reforms. It addresses the objectives outlined in the project scope:

  • Describe how well the Placer County criminal justice system is working, and how it might be improved
  • Review data on the characteristics of the offender population and the detention program resources, and collect baseline data
  • Recommend adjustments in policies and resources to reduce recidivism and to optimize system effectiveness, and
  • Develop a criminal justice system Master Plan

Findings & Recommendations