About the Property

The Property is located at 300 and 380 North Lake Boulevard, Tahoe City, California. The County of Placer, the owner of the Commons Beach parcel in Tahoe City, including the Tahoe Community Center (TCC), the former Library/Chamber/Visitor Center (Visitor Center) and former North Tahoe Fire Station 51, is requesting ideas for the reuse of the site. These buildings make up what we are calling the Tahoe City Firehouse Properties. The County of Placer is offering a long-term lease for the re-use development of the Tahoe City Firehouse Properties.

Tahoe City Firehouse Properties

Current Use

Currently, North Tahoe Arts occupies the TCC and Visitor Center on a month to month tenancy and the former Fire Station 51 is vacant with the exception of some stored rescue equipment.

Public Outreach

Over the past year, the County has collected public feedback via email, phone and public workshops to find out what the community would like to see at this location. The public outreach process offered many intriguing ideas and though no consensus was reached several themes emerged including a common message that whatever ends up there should serve the community all times of the day, all seasons, and appeal to visitors as well as locals.