Environmental Coordination Services

What We Do

Environmental Coordination Services was established to coordinate the environmental review process in Placer County. Most land development projects require some level of environmental review in accordance with the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) and this office ensures that projects in environmental review stay on track with time frames established by both the County and State of California. The environmental review process is the first step for land development proposals and results in the preparation of an environmental document (Negative Declaration; Mitigated Negative Declaration; Environmental Impact Report, etc.). The document includes analysis of the potential environmental impact of a proposed project, and in many cases, identifies appropriate mitigation measures to reduce impacts. Some project proposals are Exempt from environmental review such as Variances, Building Permits, and some Minor Use Permits.

Active Project List

Placer County's CEQA Active Projects list identifies current projects which are going through the environmental review process. The CEQA Active Projects list is available in both alphabetical order and by Board of Supervisors District. This listing does not include projects that are Exempt from environmental review.

Notice of Determination Fees

When the environmental document is adopted or certified, the final step of the environmental review process is the filing of the Notice of Determination. The California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW) fees for filing the "Notice of Determination" are:

  • Negative Declarations - $2,404.75 (includes $50 Recorder's fee)
  • Environmental Impact Reports - $3,271 (includes $50 Recorder's fee)