Personal Property

A deceased person’s property may be claimed by contacting the Coroner’s Division to make the necessary appointment. The Coroner’s Division releases personal property Tuesday through Thursday 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. 

In accordance with federal and state blood-borne pathogen standards, clothing, and/or other items contaminated with blood or body fluids are disposed of unless the item has obvious significant value. The blood-borne pathogen laws and standards were established to protect the general public as well as our employees. 

The next of kin must sign in person for all remaining property or must authorize another person in writing to receive the property. Contact the Coroner's Office for special requirements regarding the release of firearms. The next of kin is established by Section 6402 of the Probate Code. After 90 days all unclaimed property will be disposed of per department policy.

Order of Priority

The general order of priority for release of property is:

  1. Adult Child
  2. Parent
  3. Public Administrator
  4. Sibling
  5. Spouse or Registered domestic partner
  6. Other relatives meeting the test of the Code