Veterans Advisory Council

Regular Meetings

The council shall hold meetings at least once a month at a designated time and place, such meetings to be called "state meetings." the council shall hold other meetings at the call of the chairman of the council, or upon the written request of any three members of the council.


Appointed By

1Larry LaVerne, ChairAmerican Legion Number 84, Auburn
1 year/replacedBoard of Supervisors
2Shawn Simmons, Vice ChairVFW 9041 year/replacedBoard of Supervisors
3Gary Whitmore
1 year/replacedBoard of Supervisors
4Melissa Washington
WVA1 year/replaced
Board of Supervisors
5John Healy
American Legion Number 169, Roseville 1 year/replacedBoard of Supervisors
6Michael Scott
MCL 1247, Auburn 1 year/replacedBoard of Supervisors
7Donald Goard

Navy League

1 year/replaced
Board of Supervisors
8Harold Hayek
FRA BR 230
1 year/replacedBoard of Supervisors
9Don P. Bilodeau
VFW Post 1487
1 year/replacedBoard of Supervisors

David Green

VFW Post 2003, Colfax
1 year/replacedBoard of Supervisors
11Christopher Anthony
VFW Post 3010
1 year/replacedBoard of Supervisors
12Julia Kerr
American Legion Number 587, Foresthill
1 year/replacedBoard of Supervisors
13Don Bull
VFW Post 11294, Foresthill
1 year/replaced
Board of Supervisors
14Donald W. Witt
SemperFi, Roseville
1 year/replaced
Board of Supervisors
15Richard TetraultAmerican Legion Post 192 Colfax1 year/replacedBoard of Supervisors


The council shall be composed entirely of veterans and members shall be appointed in the following manner: each post, camp or barracks of each veterans’ organization that exists in Placer County, and recognized by the county of Placer, state of California, and which included, but is not limited to, the American Legion, Veterans of Foreign Wars, and American Veterans (Amvets), shall designate one of their members for appointment to the council. The names of the veterans so designated by such veterans’ organizations shall be submitted to the board of supervisors as the duly appointed members of the council. The term of office of the members of the council shall be for a period of one year from the date of their appointment or until their successors shall have been designated and appointed as above provided.


The council shall operate under and by authority of the board of supervisors, and it shall be its duty to make to the board of supervisors such recommendations from time to time as may be pertinent to the work of the service office, and which in the judgment of the council may be deemed necessary and proper in the furtherance of the work of such office to coordinate the activities of the various veterans organizations; civic, patriotic and fraternal bodies in the interest of veteran welfare. It will meet with the various federal, state and local governmental agencies in securing such aid for veterans or their dependents as provided by law, and will assist in the promotion of such legislation and policy beneficial to the harmony and welfare of the veteran.

Conflict of Interest

  • No


Members of the council shall receive $30 per meeting attended, with a maximum limit on compensation for 18 meetings per county fiscal year; actual and necessary expenses incidental to the proper execution of their duties and responsibilities, and such necessary traveling and other official expenditures necessitated by their official duties as shall be approved by the board of supervisors.