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Forms & Information

Open Conditions of Approval

For important final inspection information and instructions on how to determine your permit’s Open Conditions of Approval, visit the Placer County Online Permits Portal.

Field Inspection Areas & Building Inspectors

  • Inspection Records - Visit the Placer County Online Permits Portal.
  • List of Building Inspectors and Contact Information (PDF)
  • Stormwater and Required Job Site Mud Control (PDF)
  • Structural Observation - Structural Observation is required on all residential structures 5,000 square feet or more per California Building Code (CBC) Chapter 17. The Architect or Engineer of record performing the Structural Observation is to provide, in addition to the reports required by CBC Chapter 17, a final written report that will be retained as part of the permanent Building Permit file. The final report must certify that the entire structural system complies with the approved plans and designers specifications. The wet-stamped final report will be required prior to the frame inspection by the Building Division stating that the foundation construction and the lateral shear resisting system is approved without any exceptions.

Handouts - General Information

Check out Commercial and Residential Handouts.

Special Inspection, Structural Observation & Testing Agreement

Special Inspection, Structural Observation and Testing Agreement (PDF)