Third-Party Plan Review Program

Required Submittal Packets

Please follow this link for the required submittal packets to get your job started.

About the Program

Permit applicants choosing to use an approved third-party plan review consultant must submit their construction plans, with Planning Division approval, and pay the required plan check fee to the Building Division. At the time of submittal or anytime thereafter they may choose to take their plans to an approved consultant. A List of Approved Third-Party Plan Review Consultants (PDF) is available online and at the Building Division. The applicant will sign this agreement and take the plans to the approved consultant. The fees paid to the consultant are strictly between the applicant and the consultant. Such fees paid to the consultant shall not be applied towards any fee in the Building Division.

All plans reviewed and approved by the consultant must include all phases. Partial plan checks (i.e. “structural only” or “non-structural only”) are not acceptable. Once the plans have been approved by the consultant, they will be submitted to the Placer County Building Division along with the approval letter. Once we receive the approved plans, the Building Division will review the plans for completeness, verify the square footage, compute the fees, etc. This process can take from 3 to 7 days for a single-family dwelling, possibly longer for more complicated projects.

The Building Division reserves the right to reject approvals and/or require additional corrections to plans when proper codes have not been adequately or properly addressed.

Program Documents