Expedited Building Permit Programs

Placer County Launches New Programs to Springboard Construction

Linked Program

Placer County Building Services and the Placer County Contractor Association (PCCA) have linked to best serve the community. This public-private partnership enables the PCCA to take care of the building permit submittal details. This valuable service assists citizens, contractors, and business owners who don't understand or don't have the time to complete the submittal process while giving access to local licensed contractors to perform the work. This also will help to reduce the volume of customers at the County's land development counter. "Linked" is a win-win program for the County, the community, and the contractor's association.

Need help completing a permit application or submitting digital construction drawings to the County? Want to convert your paper drawings into a digital set for submittal to Placer County? Looking for a California-licensed contractor to complete your project? With "Linked," these services are provided in one location for your convenience at no additional cost.

Beginning February 1, 2018, visit the PCCA permit submittal kiosk to:

  • Apply for Placer County permits online
  • Find a contractor that best serves your project
  • Submit paper or electronic plans to Placer county

The submittal kiosk is located at:
10656 Industrial Avenue
Suite 160
Roseville, CA 95678

Pioneer Program

To further distinguish Placer County as a leader in express permitting and partnering, the County offers its Pioneer Program. For projects more than $5 million in value, this unique program connects the developer directly with a private building code consultant for their building code needs. The code consultant firm reviews and approves construction drawings in lieu of the County for permit issuance, as well as conducts construction inspections as needed and required by the California Building Code.

Establish construction drawing review timelines, and have 24/7 on-demand inspections for better control of schedules and costs through this program. In the past two years, many projects have successfully been reviewed, approved, and occupancy granted within the established timeline. For those projects valued at more than $5 million, Placer County continues to be a pioneer when it comes to spring-boarding new development.