Suggest Purchase for Library

Suggest a Purchase for the Library

Do we not have an item that you want?  Ask us to buy it!  You can use the Suggest a Purchase form to request that the library purchase an item for our collection (DVD, Book, etc...).  If we decide to purchase the item you get put at the top of the waiting list!

Submit a Request for a Zip Book

Zip Books is brought to you by the Placer County Library in conjunction with the NorthNet Library System and the California State Library.  This program allows the library to purchase items from Amazon and have them sent directly to your home!  You have 90 days to read the book and return it to the Library; we then catalog it and add it to our collection.  Please note, there is a monthly limit on the funds available for these requests.

ZIP Book Rules:

1) You can have up to three Zip Book requests at a time.

2) The item must be shipped and sold by

3) Zip books can only be books, books on CD, or large print books (no DVDs or other media).