Accessibility Regulations


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For questions regarding accessibility in privately owned buildings in Placer County, contact a Building Inspector on our technical request line at 530-745-3150.


  1. All Business Owners should keep a completed copy of ADA Reasonable Accommodation checklist (or a similar) checklist in their company file, along with what they have done to remedy any discrepancies, to demonstrate that non-discrimination of the disabled has been taken into consideration by the company. (Federal Department of Justice Recommendation)
  2. Compliance with California State Building Code (CBC) does not necessarily deem that the design also automatically meets compliance with Federal ADA requirements until the California version is certified for ADA compliance. The Building Division only plan checks and inspects for State compliance. It is the owner and architect's responsibility to ensure the building complies with all applicable codes and laws.
  3. All publicly-owned buildings must comply with Federal ADA requirements.