Information Requests That Are Not Public Records

The Placer County Air Pollution Control District will provide or make available for review all public records. Only copying cost, unless waived, are charged. However, requests that are not for existing documents, but are a request for either a summary of the information contained in the records, or a finding by the District in regard to the records, are not public records requests. Such a request for the creation of a summary, or the making of a finding in regard to the documents, is subject to charges for the recovery of District staff time at the District’s General Labor rate. 

If a charge may be required, the requestor will be advised of the charge, and an estimate of the amount of time required and resulting charge, before proceeding with the approval of the requesting party. Payment of the accrued charges may be requested in advance of providing the information requested. The charges may be waived at the discretion of the Air Pollution Control Officer.