Pesticides - Registration & Reporting

Placer County Agriculture Department ensures that pesticides are used in an appropriate and responsible manner that protects the environment, the public and applicators. County inspectors enforce laws and regulations pertaining to the use of all pesticides in agricultural, structural, right-of-way, landscape maintenance, and home use settings. Inspectors conduct field inspections of applications and pesticide storage as well as the records of pesticide dealers and employers with employees handling pesticides for compliance.

Appointments for pesticide permits can be made by calling: 530-889-7372.

If you are renewing or applying for a Restricted Materials Permit, you will need to consider the information found here and submit an Alternatives Considered Worksheet prior to your appointment.


​Continuing Education Opportunities

The following is a list of Continuing Education opportunities.
If you have any questions about continuing education or renewing your PAC, please call our office at (530) 889-7372.

Current CE Classes (free)

San Joaquin County CDPR Approved Courses (

What Are the UC Ag Experts Talking About? - UC Ag Experts Talk (

Current CE Classes (fee may apply) (fee may apply)
Schedule of Classes - Farm Bureau Extension: 2022 CE Series ( (fee may apply)

Upcoming CE classes

Department of Pesticide Regulation Approved & Pending CE Classes