SR89 / Fanny Bridge Revitalization

Tahoe City serves a main gateway to Lake Tahoe’s north and west shores. The area is also known for congested seasonal traffic. This project will address traffic congestion and safety concerns along Highway 89 and in the area of the “Wye” and Fanny Bridge. Doing so will meet a number of objectives:

  • Realigning SR 89 will provide two safety evacuation routes from the west shore and make pedestrian and bicycle routes safer.
  • Addressing long-term structurally deficient Fanny Bridge would resolve community concerns about the 86-year-old landmark.
  • Making the “Wye” more inviting for shopping and dining will encourage tourism and economic development, revitalizing the community.
Fanny Bridge


The Tahoe Transportation District is the lead agency for this $21,000,000 project, with $1,490,000 of those funds coming from Transient Occupancy Tax. Construction is expected to continue in 2023. Visit the Tahoe Transportation Districts' website for detailed information and updates.