Placer - Lake Tahoe Film Office

A Place for All Seasons!

The Placer-Lake Tahoe Film Office is here to expedite your production needs. Our county offers FREE film permits!  We provide scouting assistance, local contacts, Film Directory, Location Photo Library, Lodging resources, troubleshooting, and much more. Let us know what you need!

We welcome all media productions to scout, film, and enjoy our spectacular locations year-round. Placer County is truly a place for all seasons: spring, summer, fall and winter and sometimes all four seasons in one weekend!  When you need diverse locations or a cross-section of America all within 90 minutes of each other, check out options that range from 90 feet in elevation to over 9000 feet! Lake Tahoe is just one part of our beautiful county. It is also noted for award-winning wineries, hi-tech architecture, ski resorts, estate homes, Mid-western looking rural flatlands, ‘small-town America,’ forests, outdoor sports, rivers, and bridges (including California’s tallest).

It’s easier to pick a place in Placer County than to get a greenlight in Hollywood!