District Sustainability Initiative

What is Sustainability and the District’s Sustainable Vision

Sustainability is the long-term maintenance of well-being which has environmental, economic, and social dimensions, and encompasses the concept of stewardship and the responsible management of resource uses. For the District, sustainability is about environmental protection, social equity, prosperity, and sustained economic growth. It is a concept of how to balance the economic and socio-economic consequences of population growth coupled with the need for an improvement in the air quality in the County.

The District plays a critical role in sustainability. The District’s own Vision seeks to achieve and maintain clean air standards throughout Placer County by managing the County’s air quality in a manner to protect and promote public health. The District has established specific goals which control and seek reductions of air pollutants, while recognizing and considering the economic and environmental impacts. Additionally, the District has a responsibility of its own to manage its use of resources, as stewards of the Placer County region, who strive towards a better quality of life.

Our vision is to achieve and maintain clean air standards throughout Placer County in a manner to protect and promote public health by controlling and seeking reductions of air pollutants while recognizing and considering the economical and environmental impacts.”

District Mission and Vision Statement

District Sustainability Areas:

Based on our vision, we’ve identified specific strategies necessary for each sustainable area in order to achieve District goals and objectives.

What are the District’s Goals to Ensure Sustainability of Air Quality in Placer County?

As part of the District’s Sustainability Initiative, the followings goals have been established.

District Sustainable Operations

The District consists of the following four divisions: Administrative Services; Permitting & Engineering; Compliance & Enforcement; and Planning & Monitoring. Each division is tasked with specific objectives in order to achieve the described sustainable reduction goals.