Permit Applications for Stationary Source Permits

To obtain an Authority to Construct or a Permit to Operate from the District for stationary or portable equipment, an application package must be completed and submitted to the District.  The application package must include the following completed forms and information:

1. “Authority to Construct and Permit to Operate Application” form

2. “Stationary Source Application Checklist”

3. “Application Filing Fees Checklist”

4. Supporting documentation required by the “Stationary Source Application Checklist”

5. “Additional Technical Information” form for the following stationary source types: boilers, steam generators, process heaters, kilns; coating operations, concrete batch; dry cleaners; engines; graphic arts operations; vapor vacuum extraction; and vapor recovery of gasoline dispensing facilities.

6. Check or bank draft in the amount of the filing fee.  Additional fees, including an engineering analysis fee, apply and will be assessed at the time an Authority to Construct or Permit to Operate is issued. Please contact the District if you would like obtain an estimate of your total charges.

Electronic copies of both general and specific source category application packages are available for downloading below. They include application instructions, application checklist, filing fees checklist, application form, and if applicable, technical information forms for particular source types.  They can either be completed electronically or printed and filled in by hand. 

Also see below for Change of Name and/or Ownership form, and exemption application forms for sources that meet certain exemption criteria.


Filing Fees

Filing Fees CheckList

Boilers, Steam Generators, Process Heaters, Kilns
Application Package

Coating Operations (Automotive and Wood)
Application Package

Concrete Batch Plants
Application Package

Dry Cleaning Operations
Application Package

Application Package

Graphic Arts Operations
Application Package

Vapor Vacuum Extraction
Application Package

Vapor Recovery of Gasoline Dispensing Facilities
Application Package

General Application
Application Package

Other Forms

Change of Name and/or Ownership Form

Exemption Forms

Automotive Refinishing

Dry Cleaning Operations

Dry Cleaning Operations (Petroleum)