Hearing Board

Placer County Air Pollution Control District Hearing Board Announcement

The Placer County Air Pollution Control District is currently seeking Placer County residents to be considered for appointment to its Hearing Board. The District Hearing Board is a statutory body appointed by the District Board of Directors to hear petitions for variances or modifications from air pollution rules or permit conditions, including the denial, approval or revocation of a permit and orders for abatement (per HSC 40801).

The Hearing Board is composed of five members, each with three-year terms: one lawyer, one registered engineer, two public-at-large members, and one medical professional. The District currently has openings for alternate members. The District Board of Directors may appoint members of the general public to the designated professional positions if necessary.

The Hearing Board is convened on an as‑needed basis, with a $100 stipend and mileage reimbursement provided for each meeting attended. Members are required to submit a Conflict of Interest Form 700 annually as required by the California Fair Political Practices Commission, and complete bi-annual ethics training required by California Assembly Bill 1234.

Please contact Shannon Harroun, Clerk of the Board, at (530) 745-2318, or sharroun@placer.ca.gov, if you are interested in potentially filling a hearing board position.

Hearing Board Applications are available here. 

Hearing Board Members

Donald Gronstal, Chairperson – Public at Large Representative #1

Diane Przepiorski – Public at Large Representative #2

D. Steven Parks – Law Practitioner Representative

Timothy Woodall – Alternate Law Practitioner Representative

Gary Hall – Engineering Representative

Dr. Gabriele Windgasse - Public at Large Representative (in place of Medical Profession Representative)